Devil’s Food Cupcake with Cheesecake Center

I love baking on at night; it makes waking up for work in the morning more tolerable since I get to enjoy some of what I made the night before.  Sometimes this means, cupcakes for breakfast!!  I like using what I already have and since I had some cheesecake that needed to be eaten, I based my cupcake around that.


You will need:

  • Mixer
  • Cake mix and all needed for that cake
  • Cheesecake
  • Icing – I used whipped cream and pudding
  • spoon or scoop


I made the cake mix according to the recipe.  I put a spoonful of the batter in the bottom of the liner then took a scoop full of cheesecake and place that in the middle.


I then covered the rest of the cupcake with the cake batter.  I did this with all of the liners and then cooked the cupcake according to the mix.  It did not take any longer than regular cupcakes I have made before (usually about 15 minutes)


When they are taken out, they make sink a little in the middle due to the moisture of the cheesecake.  But, that doesn’t matter because you are covering the top.  They may rise taller if you lower the oven and cook them for a few minutes longer.


The icing was simple.  I prefer more whipped cream to the regular sugary icings; so, I made chocolate pudding (according to the recipe) and then folded in about equal parts of whipped cream (from a tub).  You will have more icing than you need.  But, it makes a tasty treat as well.


I garnished with sprinkles and a candle in honor of my dad’s birthday!  Happy birthday DAD!!


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