Blonde vs. Brunette – Date Night Under $50 Challenge

This weeks Blonde vs. Brunette challenge will involve a budget; something we both know very well.  We scoured the internet to find a complete look for date night that was under $50.

Kristin – THE BLONDE


Racer Back Maxi in Khaki –  $15.27 at ASOS

My fiancé and me are definitely laid back relax kind of people and our date nights are no different.  So, I would keep it really comfortable, simple, and casual on a standard date night.  That’s why this tank, maxi dress in khaki is perfect.  I think ASOS is the best place to shop for well made, interesting, inexpensive dresses.  What’s best about ASOS is they show you a video with a model wearing all their shoes and clothes.  This gives you the ability to see how it would actually hang or fit.


Cork wedge platform sandal in bubblegum pink – $29.99 at Target

I love a good wedge.  They are easy to wear for a long period of time and they would be a perfect shoe for this summer dress.  I usually check out a few websites for reasonably priced shoes: DSW, Target, and ASOS.  I found these on Target’s website.  I love the vintage feel of the wedge and I think the pink would be fun and unexpected.  You could also go with the same shoe in the black wedge.


Arrow Head Necklace – $3.80 at Forever 21

I love gold with khakis and browns; so, I would definitely choose gold.  I checked out Forever 21’s website first since they have such a wide selection as an inexpensive price.  And, I went with something casual and simple to keep the look cohesive.  This long necklace with the deco arrow head design would be perfect.

7701_900px_a_100011 (2)

Nostalgic Lipstick – $1.00 at ELF

(Color is actually a little more nude than picture sample)

I would go loose waves with this look.  And I would pair a nude lip and heavy eyes with this look.  When you think you’ve got enough mascara on, let your lashes dry, curl them again, and put more mascara on!!

TOTAL: $15.27 + $29.99 + $3.80 + $1.00 = $50.06

So, I went over by 6 cents… who cares.


photo 2

Sparkle & Fade Knit Surplice Romper $29.99 –

I just realized how big a fan of rompers I am.  I don’t think this is particularly a look guys love, but I think they’re too cute so I always bank on my sexy confidence outweighing the man repelling abilities of a romper.  I love black, so I chose this sleek black v-neck romper.  Perfect for a casual yet extra-somethin’ kind of date night.

photo 1

Qupid Gipsy-01 Strappy Ankle Cuff Open Toe Wedge $22.30 –

This wedges are killing me right now I just might order them. is a great website for a last minute, inexpensive purchase.  They have a lot of trendy shoe styles for low prices.  I am not a fan of the thick soled wedge; the thin sole under the ball of your feet gives a womanly feel to me.  As much as I love the Spice Girls and their platforms, I just cannot bring myself to bring back the platform wedge.

Ok so this cute little outfit is a few bucks over $50 limit; skip that iced coffee from Starbucks this week and put it toward your “Under $50 Date Night Outfit”!

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DIY Bridal Hair Pin

I came across a rhinestone feather jewelry piece at Michael’s, on sale, and had to have it.  But, I don’t wear pretty simple jewelry.  I thought it looked very bridal and decided to turn it into a hair pin.  What I like is that, due to its size, it could be worn for a wedding or as a fun hair accessory.  Keep in mind you can use any piece of jewelry: family heirloom, funky piece from second hand store, piece from a necklace, etc.


You will need:

  • jewelry piece
  • bobby pins (number will depend on size of piece)
  • E6000


This is another simple DIY that will blow people away.  People won’t believe you made it.  There is only one step and it is hard to mess up.  Uncap the E6000 and put a strip of glue, on the back of the jewelry, for each of the bobby pins.  I glued my bobby pins so that they slide down the hair not up.  This will prevent the weight of the piece and gravity from taking effect.


Not the best picture; but, you get the idea.

DIY – Leather Earrings

I wanted to make something with the leftover leather I had from the Urban Outfitters inspired necklace I made a few weeks ago.  I decided to make a cute pair of simple, funky earrings that are sleek enough to wear to work, but cool enough to wear out on the weekend.

You will need:

  • leather
  • stud earrings
  • super glue
  • scissors

photo 1



Cut out your desired shape in the leather.  I chose a long, thin triangular shape.  You could do an oval, square, rectangle, etc.


photo 2

Next, simply apply a fair amount of super glue onto the stud earring and firmly attach the leather pieces onto the stud.  Let dry for several hours.

photo 3

I love how they turned out and they literally took me 5 minutes to make.  I can’t wait to see what I come up with next using that same $5.99 piece of leather!

photo 1-1photo 2-1

DIY Metallic Belt

I have seen quite a few celebrities rocking the metallic/metal front belt.  I love the edgy, chicness they add to an outfit.  But, for a simple belt, they are not cheap and I can justify spending money on a belt that I will not wear all the time.  To be honest, I can’t justify spending money on belts.  They are like socks, you need them, but, you hate to spend money on them when you could be buying shoes.  So, I thought why not try and make the belt.  First place I went was Michael’s.  That is where I found these mirrored sheets of plastic with adhesive backing for under $3 (well that was with my coupon, NEVER GO TO MICHAEL’s WITOUT ONE).  They are regularly $3.99, which is still a good deal.

DSC_9943-edit DSC_9957-edit

You will need:

  • belt or ribbon
  • mirrored sheet of plastic or sheet of metal
  • super glue or E6000
  • Scissors
  • eye hook closure
  • needle and thread


First, cut off the buckle part of a belt and measure the strap to fit the part of your waist where you planning on wear the belt.  It will obviously be shorter if you plan on wearing it high waist than the natural waist.  I sewed on a hook eye closure; but, you could always sew ribbon on to each side of the strap.  This would allow you to wear the belt at different parts of you waist.


Next, measure off how long you want the “metal piece” to be.  Use a pen to make sure you draw a straight line.  My piece was about 7 inches by 2 inches.  And I chose to round the corners to they weren’t so harsh.  I like the softness of the rounded rectangle.  One you have drawn the shape you want, cut it out with scissors.


Finally, peel off the adhesive backing and use that to assist with final placement before gluing.  I place my “metal piece” close to the hook and eye closure so it would be easy to put on.  If I did this again, I would put the closure in the back and just put the belt on that way and slide it around.  In the back, it won’t be easily visible.  To attach the piece, I used superglue at first and then used E6000 for a better hold.  I recommend using the E6000 to begin with and saving yourself the extra step.





Here is another way to wear the belt.  The picture is from Friday’s Blonde vs. Brunette challenge.

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Blonde vs. Brunette – 1 Piece, 3 Ways

This week’s Blonde vs. Brunette Challenge takes 1 staple item in each of our closets, and showcases 3 different looks for that item. I heard this piece of fashion advice awhile ago and it has stuck with me since: If you’re on the fence about buying clothes or shoes, think about 3 different ways you can style that item.  If you can’t do it, the item probably isn’t worth the purchase.  I think about that every time I go shopping; it’s a great piece of fashion advice!

Kristin – THE BLONDE

Item: Black Harem Pants


Look #1 – Work Ready

Cardigans are staples in my wardrobe because I never know how cold or warm my office is going to be.  I also love comfy pants because they are something easy to throw on when I am in my morning comatose state.  If I go simple with my clothes, I like to wear an unexpected shoes.


Look #2 – Comfy Chic

This is why I love harem pants!! I think they look fabulous when you dress them up.  They have a androgynous yet sexy feel to them.  I would wear this on a date night or out with the girls.  Come back next week to see how to make the metallic post featured in this picture!


Look #3 – Preppy

This would be something casual to wear in the spring or early fall; maybe a day date in DC.  I love layers because I could easily take off the light weight sweater if I get too hot.  This goes to show that just changing the shoes you wear with harem pants can completely transform their feel.


Item: Cargo jacket


Look #1 – Spunky n Sporty

This is a look I’d wear if I had errands to run on the weekend.  Pair your cargo jacket with a cute tank, jean shorts and some cute sneakers.  I opted for my Nike wedge sneakers that I’m slightly obsessed with.  It’s comfortable and casual without being frumpy and boring.


Look #2 – Pretty in Pink and Cargo

I would have no problem rocking this look on a Saturday night out at a bar or on a casual movie date.  I love the unexpected combination of light pink skinnies with the cargo jacket and grey oversized tee.  The leopard peep-toe wedges add a dash of sexiness to the outfit without being over the top.


Look #3 – Girly with an Edge

This would be a fun outfit to wear to a birthday brunch, lunch, or a date night during summer time.  The heels and crochet summer dress is dressed down into a more casual look with the cargo jacket.  I am really into pairing something edgy like a cargo jacket with feminine pieces like the dress.

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DIY – Tank Top Quote

Since I’m all about personalization, I decided to make a tank top with the quote “Mermaids Are Real”.  I had about 17 other ideas I was throwing around, so there will definitely be more to come!  This project took me a whopping 10 minutes to make, and cost about $6.


You will need:

  • a shirt
  • iron-on letters $5.99
  • iron/ironing board


Heat your iron on a fairly high setting and prepare your letters.  Because this shirt had horizontal stripes, I didn’t even need to use the ruler to line up the letters.  Simply place your iron-on letters onto your shirt in whatever way you want it.  Once they are lined up, place the iron directly on top of the letters for about 10 seconds and release.  Repeat this several times until you test out the letters and see that they are starting to stick.  DO NOT SLIDE THE IRON ACROSS-THIS WILL CAUSE THE LETTERS TO SHIFT.  I suggest doing one word at a time; it just makes it easier and ensures the letters don’t shift. Once the letters begin to stick, you can start sliding the iron over to ensure they are completely attached.


Turn the top inside out and slide the iron over the area where the letters are for reinforcement.


You’re done!  But, because I’m an OCD-paranoid-freak-of-nature-perfectionist, I tend to go over the letters several more times to make sure those babies are attached for good!  Get creative with  this, make it as personalized as you want.  A quote from a movie, your initials, an inside joke, a phrase, etc.


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DIY Bling Bling Bridal Shirt

So, on a previous post I made a simple get ready bridal shirt.  It ties in the back and will come in handy on occasions where you need to do hair and makeup before getting into your dress or outfit.  I had mentioned at the end how I planned to add something fun to the front.  Well, I had some left over rhinestones from another project and decided to create a blinged out diamond ring.  I purchased the acrylic paint for under $1.00; so, this project cost me… under a $1.00.


(back completed in a previous post)

DSC_9979 - edit

The rhinestones were glued on with E-6000, purchased at Michael’s.  The band part of the ring was completed with freezer paper.  This was demonstrated in the Disney post I completed a few weeks ago.  If you aren’t sure how to do it, look back at that post.

DSC_9977 - edit


You could also do this blinged out ring on a bag as a gift to the bride or a newly engaged friend!