DIY Camo Hat ; UrbanOutfitters Inspired

This past weekend, I went to a Washington Nationals baseball game.  While I am a Boston Red Sox fan at heart, it’s a lot of fun to cheer on the home team.  I have plenty of Red Sox gear, but wanted to show some love for the Nats.  My fun little personal challenge was to create something that would show I’m there to support the home team, without having to buy an expensive item to wear.  That’s when I was inspired by this Urban Outfitters 5-panel camo hat.  I’m really into camo right now and I think it’s a fun look to rock at a game because it’s uniqe from the team colors.  image $22 Savant Camo USA 5-Panel Hat

You will need:

  • scissors
  • iron-on letters
  • small piece of fabric
  • hat
  • Sticky Back adhesive Velcro
  • iron and ironing board


I already own a camo Boston Red Sox hat but I didn’t want to permanently change it.  I wanted to be able to change it, just for this event. 


Cut out the shape in your material.  Be sure it covers any emblem or logo that is already on your hat and is large enough to fit the words you will iron on.   


Set your iron on a high setting.  Carefully place your letters onto the material the way you would like them lined up.  Place your iron directly on top of the letters and let sit for about 5-10 seconds.  DO NOT SLIDE BACK AND FORTH.  Repeat this a few times until you see the letters are sticking onto the material.  THEN, you may slide the iron back and forth to ensure it is fully attached to the material.  Flip the material over and iron the backside.  In between placing the iron onto your material, let cool a few seconds to ensure it doesn’t burn.


Place the adhesive velcro pieces onto the back of your material.  The opposite sides will stick to the hat. 


Be sure to firmly place the adhesive sides to both the material and the hat to ensure it sticks.  I love the unique look of this and the fact that it looks handmade.  I can assure you nobody else in the stadium had this hat!  The other great part about this is that you can simply remove the material and make another piece that says something else.  The possibilities truly are endless.  The icing on the cake was when I spotted an actual Washington Nationals camo hat at the game for $22.  These materials were leftover materials that I had at home so it technically cost me nothing this time around.  What would your hat say?!


Any questions, just ask (!  Any comments, type away!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Camo Hat ; UrbanOutfitters Inspired

  1. Thank you! What is so unique about this project is that you can make as many different removable pieces (thanks to the adhesive velcro) as you want, that say whatever you want. If I wanted, I could easily make one that says “Goonies” =)

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