DIY Birthday Card ; Hokie Style

This card is exactly why I’m obsessed with making my own  greeting cards.  The recipient of the card graduated from Virginia Tech and like all VT alumni that I know, still maintains a deeply rooted passion for their alma mater.  I love CREATING a gift for someone, even something as simple as card, that I know you can’t find anywhere else because it’s been made JUST for that person. 


Think of all the people you know who are obsessed with sports teams… it’s a great way to do something thoughtful for someone without spending a huge chunk of change.

  You will need:

  • cutting board for straight edge
  • scardstock scrapbook paper 
  • thin sharpie pen to write out “Happy Birthday”
  • self-adhesive glitter dots $2-$5 depending on the brand and type
  • tape runner $3-$6 depending on the length and brand
  • white and diamond brads $3.49
  • folding notecard and envelope $10.99 for a pack of 40
  • a printer with glossy paper for a finished look to print out recipient’s name (OPTIONAL)

*Note: all of these supplies can be found at Michael’s Arts & Crafts and will last for MANY cards and crafts


My idea behind this card was that I knew I wanted to use a Hokie claw print, so I worked around that idea.  I drew the hokie print on the backside of the orange cardstock and cut it out.  Then I applied it to a white piece of cardstick and cut around the hokie print outline. 


I’m a big fan of minimalism so I tried to keep it simple by making the print the standout point.  And it wouldn’t be a birthday card without some sparkle and shine.   I added a glittery orange stud, a couple of white and diamond brads.  I handwrote the “Happy Birthday”, but you can easily type that out and print onto paper to add to the card.


Are there any sports teams you’d like to see featured as a birthday card theme??  Let us know!


Any questions, just ask (!  Any comments, type away!

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