DIY Rachel Zoe inspired Tassel Necklace

     Recently, I was watching Rachel Zoe’s reality show and saw her wearing one of the coolest necklaces I have ever seen.  It looks as if it was a tassel cord that could be draped around your necklace in as many ways as you could imagine.  I knew I couldn’t afford the one she owned; but, recreating it couldn’t be too difficult.  So, I went to Michael’s for inspiration and sure enough I found it in the clearance section.   Be sure to bring a coupon and Michael’s does accept competitor’s coupons.


rachz2043048139_q1_1-0_336x596 (2) NMY1HGV_mx

(Rachel Zoe ShopBop $650.00)                                                               (Rachel Zoe Neiman Marcus $325.00)

DSC_9456 -edit

You will need:

  • metal chain (this one was 96in)
  • tassels
  • scissors, tweezers, pliers, or jewelry making tools

DSC_9459 - edit

First, take the chain out and fold it in half.  Take this doubled up chain and twist it together.  This is how will create some texture.  If you want, you can a longer chain and triple it up for even more volume and texture.  You could braid it or simply twist it.  You could even get different colors or braid in ribbon or cord.

DSC_9461 - edit

  After the chain is twisted, you will need to open up the o ring on the tassel.  This picture is a little blurry; but, it is just showing the o ring opened up just enough to fit onto the chain.  The ring can be open with scissors, tweezers, plier, etc.

DSC_9464 - edit

Once the ring has been put through one link of the chain, close it using the same tool you used to open it.  I used scissors since I couldn’t find my jewelry tools.  Next, attached the tassel to the other side of the chain.  After both tassels are attached, you are finished.


The necklace can be worn any way you can imagine.  Think of all the ways you can wear a scarf.  You could create a knot and let it hang or think outside of the box wear as a decorative belt!

Any questions, just ask (!  Any comments, type away!

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