DIY Custom Family Pillow ; Inspired is a website I visit often.  It has everything from ecclectic jewelry, sweet baby toys, to funky home decor, but it almost always ends up being too pricey for my budget.  This website has a ton of inspiration, which brings us to our next DIY project; the customized pillow.  The inspiration was $150.00 on the website. YIKES.


You will need:

  • pillow with a solid colored case that zips on one end (on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond $9.99)
  • adhesive letters or numbers (on sale at Michael’s 29cents per letter)
  • fabric spray paint ($4.99 at Michael’s)
  • ruler
  • LESS THAN $20


  • Wash pillowcase (INSIDE OUT) prior to spray painting to ensure color doesn’t fade
  • Wait 72 hours AFTER spray painting to wash pillowcase, BY ITSELF

IMG_1375   IMG_1377

First, you want to determine what you want the pillowcase to say.  It can be the last name, initials, dates, street address, etc.  The recipient’s of this DIY project are getting married in May, so I used their last name and the date of their wedding.


Once you’ve decided on what you want the pillowcase to say, remove the pillowcase from the stuffed pillow.


Carefully measure and lightly mark with a pencil, a guideline to place to the stickers.  Be sure to firmly press down on the stickers to ensure the corners and edges are securely sticking.  If the edges of the stickers are peeling off the fabric a little bit, it will just end up giving the fiinished product a more weathered and antique look.   Place some sort of cardboard between the pillow layers to ensure nothing leaks through the fabric.

***BE SURE TO PLACE YOUR PILLOWCASE IN A PROTECTED WORKSPACE.  I also highly suggest doing this outside, on non-windy day 🙂

IMG_1382 IMG_1384

Holding the fabric spray paint 6-10 inches away from the pillowcase, hold lever down, spray evenly and DO NOT PUMP.  To reduce splatter, begin spraying off the project and end spraying off the project.  I always like to test out my spray paint skills prior to doing a project like this to ensure I’m comfortable with the pressure of the can.  You may need to spray a couple of layers of paint onto your pillowcase; totally depends on the look you’re going for.


Let that baby dry.  As you can see from the picture above, the edges were not perfect, but that’s exactly what I love about it.  If you wanted a more solid color look, simply let it dry for a couple of hours and add an additional layer.


After 72 hours, wash the finished pillowcase by itself and let air dry.  Your pillowcase is now ready for use!  And can we talk about how great it is that both sides can be used?!

Any questions, just ask (!  Any comments, type away!

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