DIY Neon and Nude Polka Dot Shirt

  Lately, I have been completely obsessed with neons and neutrals, specifically nude.  I know this simply a trend and therefore did not want to spend too much money.  So, I went to the local thrift store and picked up a silk button up and then hit up Michael’s for neon and nude acrylic paint.  I chose to cut off about 4 inches from the sleeves (before painting) and roll the remaining sleeves up to create a 3/4 sleeve.  If you choose to do this, you will need to iron it after folding it and then put a few stiches in the folded sleeve to keep it from coming undone during the day.


You will need:

  • button up shirt
  • freezer paper
  • painters tape
  • hole punch
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • iron


First, you will need to cut the freezer paper into a bunch of small pieces and punch a hole in each of those.  These will act as the polka dots.  You can even improvise and cut circles, triangles, etc. out yourself in all different sizes.


Place a piece of cardboard between the shirt to give yourself a more sturdy, flat surface.  Then, iron those pieces of freezer paper on all over the shirt.  This will be where the polka dots appear.  So, if you want a ton, go crazy.


Prepare the acrylic paint by adding a little bit of water to thin it out so when it dries it is not really stiff.  Then paint the polka dots the desired colors.  I have painted mine nude and neon yellow.  You can alternate colors as you’d like.  I did the shirt in quadrants.  I did the upper right first then worked my way down and then to the left side of the buttons.  I decided to only do the front of the shirt and leave the sleeves and back the cream color.


I wanted the shirt to have a little more color; so, I decided to paint the color the nude color.  I tape of the part of the collar I wanted to paint.


I then applied the paint to the collar.  I did a few coats to make sure the color was dark enough.  Then, I let it dry for 30 minutes and then removed the painter’s tape.  And you are done!  The neck will have a cool, leather-like look.  After everything has dried, you will need to set the paint.  Go over any part of the shirt that has been painted with an iron on medium heat.  If you are working with a more delicate fabric, lower the heat.  Iron over everything for a few minute to ensure that the paint has set.



If you want to add more after finishing, just simply do the steps again.  Be creative and use different colors or shapes!


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