Blonde vs. Brunette – Spring/Summer Concert Wardrobe

Blonde vs. Brunette

Every Friday, we are going to do a fashion challenge.  In these challenges, we will go to an affordable clothing store and pick out outfits.  Each will highlight our personal style and fashion personality.  We will include the store name and prices.  We chose to visit a store instead of using our closet because so many times we have seen outfits and wished we could recreate them only to find out they were purchased years ago.

The first month our challenges will just be to pick out an outfit for a specific event.  This week we are shopping for our spring/summer concert wardrobe at Target.

Blonde’s Pick



Long sleeve white t-shirt with back cut out- $17.99

Folded jean shorts – $19.99


Black and metal detail gladiator sandals– $19.99 (clearance – price may vary)

I love choosing pieces that are versatile and can easily be incorporated into your existing wardrobe.  Each piece is simple and light, perfect for a summer concert that spills into the breezy night.  I would keep it simple and steer away from jewelry; but, maybe accessorize with a fun fedora and sunglasses.

Brunette’s Pick


V-Neck Tee $9.99

Illusion Maxi Skirt $24.99


Multi color strap sandals – $22.99

I LOVE putting together an outfit for a summer concert.  It’s my chance to put together pieces I don’t normally wear and gives me the opportunity to take some risks.  Pairing a casual lightweight top with a sexy maxi, bright comfortable sandals, and a cross-body bag is my go-to summer concert look.

Any questions, just ask (!  Any comments, type away!

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2 thoughts on “Blonde vs. Brunette – Spring/Summer Concert Wardrobe

  1. Kristin, I need that outfit for my next concert and Alex I love those shoes! A must buy for my first concert of the season! Thanks ladies!

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