DIY Floating Frame

My favorite event to make a gift for is definitely weddings.  Whenever I’m invited to a wedding, I like to buy a gift from the registry AND make something personalized, while sticking to a reasonable budget.   Making your own gift and buying a reasonably priced gift off the registry is the best of both worlds; inexpensive and sentimental.  Today’s DIY project, the floating frame, lasts all year long and can be modified depending on the season, holiday, and recipient.

Floating Frame 1

You will need:

  • Photo paper to print art on (obviously this means you’ll need access to a printer)
  • Floating frame (this frame was on sale at Michael’s for $8.99)

Assembly of the photo frame is super easy: there are two pieces of glass that give the illusion of the art piece floating.  You simply apply your piece of art onto the back piece of glass (center it, or flush to the right, or flush to the left, flush top, you get the picture) and BAM, you are pretty much done.   Be sure to completely attach the back pieces so they securely keep the glass in place.

Not only is the floating frame simple, but you can be as wacky, romantic, funny, or sentimental as you see fit.  Rather than sticking to one photograph in the center of the frame, I thought it would be fun to give the recipients of this frame a little something extra.


For this couple, I added a black and white photo of them into the frame.  Then, I put together a few quotes that are based on their personalities and interest.  I used Microsoft Word to type out the quotes and printed them onto 4×6 glossy photo paper.  The fun part is playing around with the placement of the quote, the font, and the size.

The personalized pieces of art say:


“America the Beautiful”

“All I want for Christmas is you”

“Anne & Jadie 05.18.13”

Floating Frame 2

Floating Frame 5


With these interchangeable pieces of art, the recipient can enjoy changing them out, throughout the entire year.  And, if they are feeling especially wild, they can make their own. 

Any questions, just ask (!  Any comments, type away!

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Floating Frame4 


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