DIY Dreamcatcher

I’ve been wanting to create my own dreamcatcher for awhile now; they are that perfect mix of bohemianish-free spirity-funkiness.  They’re a perfect gift to give a little one and a fun DIY on a rainy day.  You can pretty much add whatever you want to give it your own personal touch, and that is right up my dreamcatchin’ alley.

Gather all your materials and feel free to add as you go.

You will need:

embroidery ring 7″


thin string

suede cord

fun strings for hanging

pom pom balls


*Note: all of these supplies can be found at Michael’s Arts and Crafts all for less than $20


Attach the suede cord to the ring by making a knot and a hook for hanging.


Wrap the suede cord (tightly) around and around and around the entire ring.


Attach the thin string at any point of the ring and create a back and forth weaving pattern; there’s no right or wrong.


Now, the fun part!  Add some hanging jewelry to your dreamcatcher at varying lengths; use the string, attach the feathers, beads, cloth, add pom pom balls, etc.


Finally, take a step back and admire your creation.

Any questions, just ask (!  Any comments, type away!

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